preparing for our upcoming horse adventure

horse adventure ahead
horse adventure ahead
New horse adventures ahead

How do you mean, preparing for an upcoming horse adventure? It is November 2020. It is cold, rainy, night frost could start any day now and above all it is 2020… The year of Covid-19. A year of lockdowns and face masks. The year we all stay at home as much as we can.

Basically we need our dose of adventure. Our last multi-day horse adventure was in January. Go check it out if you haven’t yet. At the start of the year, when the future looked bright without a world wide pandemic, I had planned to go on multi-day trips at least once every 3 months. That awesome plan got canceled until now.

Lacos checking out if he likes the new saddle bags and saddle pad as much as I do

Cold and rainy Dutch weather doesn’t bother us too much. It actually makes for quiet woods and that is the way we like it anyway. I was already figuring out where our next adventure would lead us when I got contacted to try out the horse trails in Kempen-broek in Limburg (Southern provence of the Netherlands). Trail riding is our passion so, of course, I instantly said “YES, we can”.

trails in kempen-broek
The trails set out for us by the coordinators of Kempen-broek in Limburg. In blue the trail for Saturday and orange is for Sunday. This is a screenshot from the Topo GPS app.

Humbled and honored that out of all horse trail riders in the Netherlands, Lacos and I got asked to try out the trails in Kempen-broek.

The coordinators of the Kempen-broek nature reserve service set out 2 trails for us. For saturday a trail of 29.7 km and for sunday a trail of 28,1 km. Part of the trail will bring us onto Belgium soil. I reserved a small horsetruck to get us in Weert, Limburg early on saturday morning. We will stay overnight in the area and return home on sunday evening. The tourist season is over. Therefor it is quiet and makes social distancing possible.

What to prepare and bring on a multi-day horse adventure?

  • a healthy horse, with up to date vaccins
  • transportation for you and your horse
  • a place to stable your horse overnight
  • a place for you to sleep and have a warm meal and breakfast
  • well maintained horse gear that won’t break and cause dangerous situations
  • saddle bags, filled up evenly on both sides
  • clothing that can withstand the weather, but still as lightweight as possible
  • extra set of underwear, t-shirt, sox and a warm hat for when you take the helmet off
  • a helmet, riding gloves, warm socks and riding boots
  • a riding skirt (yes these are super warm and comfy for your legs)
  • food for yourself on the trail
  • a warm beverage in a thermos
  • a bottle of water
  • a knife, a brush and a hoofpick
  • pellets, muesli or whatever extra feed your horse gets normally
  • cameras, phone, powerbank to recharge, gps device (if you do not use your phone as gps)
  • the trails loaded into the gps and printed out on paper stored in plastic folder
  • both passports of you and your horse
saddle bags on horse
Our brand new saddle bags and saddle pad needed to be tested.

Lacos and I will show you that an horse adventure can be done while social distancing.

I recommend Dutch horse trail riders to use the website to plan your trails in Limburg in advance when you do not know the area yet. From there you can export the planned trail coordinates onto your gps device or onto your phone. When using your phone I recommend using the app Topo GPS. The maps used on this app are very detailed and can also be downloaded for offline use.

I ordered a new set of saddle bags for this trip at Decathlon and bought an extra long saddle pad specially designed by Busse for underneath saddle bags at Becidor. These products are not sponsored. It is just not easy to find these products in the average horseriding supply store and I therefor would like to point them out to you.

And to top it all off I gave myself an early birthday present… a GoPro action cam!

All of that new gear and equipment needed to be tested… Enjoy our first ever GoPro trail ride in the Middachterbossen, de Steeg, The Netherlands.

GoPro footage of our gear test ride. the GoPro is mounted on a chest mount instead of my helmet. I think it gives a more stable view that way.
And part 2 shows you the feisty nature of this Spanish gelding…