Horse Adventure – Trail ride along the river IJssel

Trailride river ijssel

Lacos and Linda made a 2-day trail ride at the 3rd and 4th of January 2020.

Why make a trail ride by horse in the middle of winter? Because we love to ride, we don’t mind the cold and like an adventure…

Never before have we went on a trail ride longer then a day. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to go out on more horse adventures and see the world from the back of my beloved Andalusian boyfriend, Lacos.

Traveling on horseback is magic. It is the slow pace in which you move through the landscape, seeing places you would not see by foot, by bike or by car. People seem more friendly when you ride a horse through town and happy to start a convo with you.

We started at the stable in the Steeg and rode on the west side of the river IJssel to Zutphen. There we crossed the river over the old bridge and rode on to Eefde. We slept over at a friends house. They have horses as well and sheltered us for the night, a paddock with water and lots of hay for Lacos and a warm meal, bed and lots of laughter and catching up with friends for me.

As an early riser I was the first to be up, fed Lacos his breakfast and then ate my own. Caught up on my social media before I saddled up and moved out on our trailride back home. First we went back to Zutphen to have coffee at my mom’s. From there we rode on the east side of the river IJssel back to the Steeg. We had to cross the river again, this time at the village of Dieren, where we took the ferry.

Lessons learned from this trail ride adventure:

We need a better fitting back pack on longer trailrides. I need to pack less, because it was way too heavy. Saddle bags would be great to use. Lacos needs shoes to manage his feet on longer trailrides. His feet were sore when we arrived at the stable. I need a headcam with a lasting battery so it is more fun to watch for y’all. We do want to do these kind of trailrides more often! It was fun and we loved it.

Enjoy watching the video!

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